Professional Standards Forum and Committee Highlights

The National Association of REALTORS® Professional Standards Committee is the group directly responsible for protecting, defending, administering, and improving the NAR Code of Ethics. The Code first debuted in 1913, and it has grown into arguably the most elaborate system of ethics enforcement within any industry. Thank you to 2018 Professional Standards Committee, Chair Debbie Dwyer; incoming 2019 Chair, Leigh York; 2018 Professional Standards Interpretations and Procedures Advisory Board Chair, Doreen Roberts; Professional Standards Forum Chair, La Nora Kay; and Vice Chair, Linda Lugo! Special thanks also to the staff liaisons Kate Lawton and Diane Mosley, whose jobs require some extraordinarily specialized knowledge.

Recent issues that have come before the committee (often spanning multiple meetings) include a requirement that listing agents provide written confirmation of submission of offers to buyer agents upon request, whether to alter the cycle for the current biennial ethics training requirement for REALTORS®, and allowing publication of names of REALTORS® found to have violated the Code of Ethics.

This month’s meeting also demonstrated that any individual member can submit requests to the committee that could ultimately result in changes to the Code, to standards of practice, or to the Ethics & Arbitration Manual. A member submitted such a request, specifically seeking a mandate that REALTORS® respond to requests for showing feedback. While the proposal did not ultimately pass as a motion from the committee, it was on the agenda and received a thorough discussion before a consensus developed that this would be tantamount to attempting to mandate good manners.

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4-Time Featured Attendee

Matt is a multi-office broker/owner in Champaign, Illinois, home of the University of Illinois. He is a high producing team leader, a past President of the Champaign County Association of REALTORS®, the 2019 Immediate Past President of the Illinois REALTORS®, a past REALTOR® Magazine “30 Under 30” honoree, and a law school graduate.

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