Wrapping Up in Boston

After a very successful set of busy governance, BOD, and delegate body meetings; educational sessions and events; an awesome celebrity concert with Fall Out Boy; an amazing interview with Mark Wahlberg at the General Session; a REALTORS® Relief Run that raised $100,000…well, after all of the planning and preparation, it’s all over!

The nearly 20,000 attendees have scattered from Boston, MA back to homes and markets to continue on to the next chapters in the lives of the hard-working and dedicated REALTORS® that we all are!

Thank you Boston for a wonderfully-executed conference! And thank you to the staff and volunteers that made it all possible!

Next stop on the national circuit…Washington, DC for the Legislative Meetings in May 2019! Looking forward to 2019 NAR President John Smaby’s leadership! Also, thank you to 2017 NAR President Bill Brown as he falls off of the leadership team. We know he won’t be far away and his continued involvement will be critical to the organization as it evolves in the future!

Hope to see you all there?!

4-Time Featured Attendee

Currently serving on the NAR RPAC Fundraising Trustee Committee as 2016-2019 Region 7 (IL, IN & WI) Trustee, Christopher is a committed REALTOR® Leader and has served on the Local, State & National levels of the REALTOR® Association and on Numerous National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Institutes, Societies & Councils Committees.

Conference Live 2018